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April 2022 Stone of the Month - Blue Kyanite

This month of April, we celebrate Blue Kyanite! This beautifully textured stone, similar to Selenite and Tourmaline with striations that make it look like an amazing landscape was first discovered in 1789. As with the other stones, Kyanite also comes cut and polished which is equally as beautiful.


This stone is excellent for meditation and for relaxing your body by lowering blood pressure and promotion of a healthier lifestyle. It aids in smoother sleep pattern which allows for better natural rhythm in the body, day to day. It is a stone that assists in helping to speak ones truth when it may more difficult to do so, and impact healthier communication  in challenging relationships.


It cuts through fear and assists in removing blockages that are impacting your confidence in speaking publicly or when having to perform.


The mineral is known to grow alongside Quartz. Many practitioners see Kyanite as a really beneficial and powerful stone in all kinds of healing practices. Growing with Quartz amplifies its energy, resulting in strong healing properties that shamans and practitioners have utilized over the years.


This stone is about finding balance and equilibrium amongst the ebbs and flows of life. It produces a serene energy that can help bring even the most troubled mind down to a calmer place. Kyanite is known as  a natural combatant to fear, anger, and frustration. It clears those emotions away and makes sure that nothing sticks. 


When combining certain stones with Blue Kyanite you may see powerful results in other areas 

For example, Labradorite naturally amplifies the energy of Blue Kyanite.

Garnet can help enhance Blue Kyanite’s role as a manifesting stone. The healing tools bring about success and prosperity even in when things are looking pretty bleak.


The easiest way to take advantage of its meaning and healing properties is through the use of jewelry. Wearing Kyanite is a great way to receive the properties it has to offer on a stronger level.


However, pocket stones work very well for meditation. You can hold one in your hand, or place the crystal right onto your body. Placing the stone directly on the appropriate chakra is a great way to align your energy points and treat metaphysical issues on the spot.


Kyanite is found in Brazil, Mexico, Burma,Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Switzerland, Austria, Australia and Italy.


Ours is from Brazil


Kyanite is “Kaunas” in Greek for the color blue.

Blue Kyanite Jewelry
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