August 2020 Stone of the Month - Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite is known as the stone of abundance. Its sparkly gold color and shape is often referred to as "Fool's Gold." Its energy helps lift your vibration to attract and manifest abundance and prosperity while encouraging positive thinking. Side note - The positive thinking and embodiment piece is often the missing link for people who are trying to manifest. It's not enough to just think you want something. You have to really feel the vibration and energy of the thing you desire. Iron Pyrite can help bring you into that state of mind where you can manifest quickly and effectively.

Iron Pyrite also supports the energy of Leo season. The yellow/gold color represents our Solar Plexus, the area around your navel. This is your power center - your will, your strength, desire to pursue your passion - this is where you look to tap into your potential and to follow through. Have a piece of Pyrite nearby when you are looking to take huge leaps in your life. Allow it to feed into the confidence you need to make big decisions. 


This beauty is also very protective against negative energy and electromagnetic energy. Place in areas that you need a little extra protection and it will help you feel safe and empowered.

Iron Pyrite Jewelry
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