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The Box of Bliss is back!

We are excited to re-introduce our Box of Bliss for the 2020 Holiday season! It is the perfect gift box to give to yourself and/or a loved one. Priced at $199, all items have been specially selected and made for the TRU by Nicole Box of Bliss to enhance the healing properties and attributes of each of our collections. There are two different boxes to choose from for each collection so you, or whomever you gift this to, can incorporate TRU Peace, TRU Expression, TRU Love, or TRU Balance into your daily lives.


In each box you will find:

~ One piece of TRU By Nicole Limited Edition Jewelry

~ Pocket Stones

~ Soy candle from local maker, Trim Soy Candles

~ Special tea from Pure Nourish Food & Apothecary Forest


For more information on each particular box, please click the respective images below!


We hope you enjoy these beautiful treasures that have been blessed with Love, Peace, and High Vibe Energy ~ all for YOU!

*Please note, all products within each box are final. No adjustments or customization can be made.*

In order to allow for enough time prior to the holidays, any order will need to be received before the following dates:
~ Monday, December 7th for orders needing to be shipped
~ Friday, December 18th for in-studio orders (last day for pickup would be Monday, December 21st)

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