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March 2021 Stone of the Month - Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite helps bring the Throat & Third Eye into balance so that you can express yourself with confidence and see things clearly and with understanding. It peels away the old layers and clears confusion, apathy, or negativity and stimulates your intellect to expand knowledge and truth. In doing so, it allows you to be able to speak up, helping you feel more comfortable when it comes to public speaking and enhances group communication. As it works to provide you with clear seeing, it in turn increases all psychic abilities so that you can trust what you see, hear, and feel.

It is a deeply spiritual stone and works to clear and balance at an auric and physical level - balancing your chakras, meridians, and organs. It brings harmony back into your body and balances the yin-yang energy and Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within, as well as raising kundalini energy to assist in your ascension.

In addition, Blue Apatite is a great stone for the bones and teeth. The minerals within it encourage the formation of new cells and aids in the absorption of calcium. It helps heal bones and teeth, repairs cartilage, and is useful in treatments for rickets, joint problems, arthritis, and motor skills.

Its color ranges from a translucent to dark blue color as raw pocket stones and polished slabs, and also raw and polished faceted stones. Blue Apatite has its largest deposit in Kirovsk, Russia, and is also found in Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, and Mexico. Our Blue Apatite is from Madagascar.

Blue Apatite Jewelry
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