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May 2021 Stone of the Month - Blue Calcite

Our final stone for Expression season is Blue Calcite! It is a stone of healing, recovery, communication, and development of psychic or paranormal powers. It soothes nerves & lifts anxieties, releasing negative emotions. Its properties are very similar to Celestite (which is also part of our TRU Expression collection), and works with the 3rd eye and throat chakras to help you express yourself in a calm, intuitive manner. It helps develop psychic abilities, strengthens intuitive messages, and also increases your telepathic communication. If you are new to developing your intuitive insight and connection, and are a little nervous because you don't want to see or hear certain things, Blue Calcite is the perfect stone for you. It opens the gateway to Divine in a safer way so it is not too overwhelming when you are first starting out.

Blue Calcite aids in your overall communication, helping you speak more clearly and be less shy. It is not as "aggressive" as Lapis or Apatite, and adds a sense of ease when trying to get your point across. And, since it works on an emotional and psychic level, it develops your empathy and helps you understand other people's emotional experiences. This is extremely beneficial when you are communicating with someone who is constantly triggered and speaking from their wounds rather than a higher perspective. In turn, it brings disharmony to light and allows the calming energy from the stone make it possible to smooth over rough patches of relationships.

This stone also has protective properties as well. It clears negative energy from the aura and/or environment and is great for the home and traveling. It is said to be like an "invisibility cloak." Place it in your home and it will dissuade intruders, or keep it in your luggage when traveling to keep prying eyes and hands away.

Calcite is found in several different colors, each with healing properties of their own. We also hold Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Calcite at the studio.

Blue Calcite Jewelry
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