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June 2021 Stone of the Month - Sunstone

Sunstone ignites that inner fire, spark, light within, bringing vitality and independence, and encourages optimism and enthusiasm. If you feel like you need a kick to get you started on your passions, this is a great stone for you! Sunstone helps encourage creativity and leadership and is perfect if you're starting something new. It fuels and embodies the masculine energy within and acts as the universal life for energy that centers around expansion, action, forward movement.

Sunstone is an alchemical stone that brings profound connection to light and regenerative power of the sun. It has been used in spiritual ceremonies throughout the ages, and some cultures refer to it as "phenomenalstone" due to its light changing throughout the day. Indigenous cultures thought it to fall during solar eclipses, or "part of sun falling from heaven." In Egyptian and Greek mythology, it was closely attributed to 'Ra' the sun god and Helios, showing the strength and power of the phoenix.

While it mostly is a very fiery and masculine stone, it also helps to clear your chakras and brings in joy and light and heightens your intuition. It is a very healing stone and is useful for removing 'hooks' from other people on mental or emotional level. It also removes co-dependency, acts as an anitdepressant, facilitating self-empowerment, independence, and vitality. It can assist you in detaching from feelings of being discriminated against, disadvantaged, and abandoned, and reverses feelings of failure while  increasing self-worth and confidence.

Physically, it stimulates self-healing powers, regulates your autonomic nervous system, and harmonizes all organs. Sunstone is also used to treat rheumatism and gives relief to feet and spinal problems.

Sunstone Jewelry
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