October 2021 Stone of the Month - Selenite

Everyone can benefit from this common, but powerful mineral! Selenite will clear negative energy and can protect your home or space from stagnant, unwanted energies while also encouraging peace. It is a staple to have in your home, office, and personal space. This stone purifies the energy in your space and keeps it clear, raising the vibration. It is a great stone to set intentions with. You can also carry it with you to purify your own energy especially if you're feeling any heavy or negative energy.

Selenite is a beautiful cleanser for your every day. It is very similar to Crystal Quartz - its energy is so light and refreshing that most people resonate with it. It is also one of the few crystals known to not need cleansing itself. This mineral comes in many different shapes and sizes.

All of our Selenite is from Morocco but can also be found in the US and Mexico.

We do have new custom and ready to wear pieces on the way!  If you have any specific requests for Selenite, simply reply to this email.

Selenite Jewelry
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