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December 2021 Stone of the Month - Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is an amazing healing Heart Chakra stone that can help heal many types of emotional wounds. It is very gentle and nourishing in the way it energetically works with you. It is known to help resolve old emotional patterns that may be effecting your relationships and spiritual growth.

It is a crystal that promotes kindness and provides assurance to the wearer that it is safe to love. It encourages self-love and the understanding of the importance of loving yourself first in order to experience love from others. 

Pink Tourmaline is mainly mined in Brazil, but can also be found in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as areas in the US such as Colorado and California. 

Our Pink Tourmaline is from Brazil. The color ranges from a lighter pastel to a deeper pink.The raw tourmaline can be found as transparent or more opaque and rough.

Generally Pink Tourmaline is a valuable stone that can be found in higher end and an array of fine jewelry. It holds a very feminine and sensual energy that brings up great self- awareness. 

We generally have a hard time keeping Pink Tourmaline pieces in stock. Stay tuned for new pieces dropping soon.

Pink Tourmaline Jewelry
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