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Repairs and Adjustments

We provide repair and adjustment services for TRU by Nicole jewelry. The fee will be based on the amount of work and materials needed. After full assessment, some repairs may qualify to be done free of charge if we are notified and receive the jewelry within 90 days of purchase and if the assessment determines damage did not neglect the "Care"
guidelines below.

Simply contact us via email ( to discuss your needs. Before proceeding with any work, we will inspect the jewelry and then email you an estimate, turnaround time and shipping or delivery instructions. Once we receive your approval, the order will be fulfilled. Payment is due upon receipt.


We recommend that your TRU By Nicole jewelry be stored in the pouch or box it arrived in or in a safe tray that is protected from humidity. This will reduce tarnishing that may occur with sterling and vermeil, and it will protect the piece from extra wear and tear.

To clean sterling silver or 18k gold over sterling, use a silver polishing cloth for the jewelry parts that are not easily dipped in a sterling jewelry cleaner (some cleaners may lighten the gold). 14k gold filled can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth and warm water.

We recommend that the jewelry not be worn in water and rings be removed before washing hands.

TRU By Nicole Crystals and Jewelry have been blessed with sacred intentions and love for your well being. The semiprecious minerals need to be cleansed energetically due to their ability to absorb as much energy as they give out.


In order for your crystals and/or jewelry to serve you and your greatest highest good, we recommend that you occasionally place them in sea selt for several hours or overnight, and that you also place them in sunlight or moonlight to cleanse and rejuvenate the
minerals' pure energy.


While using your crystals and/or jewlery, may it bring you much love and light that can
transfer to all those you touch along your path.

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