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January 2021 Stone of the Month - Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a beautiful stone to start off a New Year and continue us through our TRU Love Season. One of its main healing properties is forgiveness. Similar to Rose Quartz, it gently opens our heart chakra. This allows us to forgive ourselves and others more openly, releasing any shame or guilt over situations or people you may be holding onto. With this, it allows us to be more compassionate and see things from a new and healthier perspective in situations that are only weighing us down, by holding onto to the negative emotions of hurt, resentment, frustration or anger.  It enhances positivity in one's life. It is also a powerful stone to use for inner child healing, and helps bring security and trust.


Chrysoprase was first most popular in Europe when it was discovered in Poland. It was also very popular with the Romans and Greeks and found in many of their ancient artifacts. Today it is mainly found in Germany, Poland, Arizona, Russia, Western Australia, California and Brazil. 

In addition to healing matters of the heart, it also is associated with the Solar Plexus, due to its ability to balance it (digestion, spleen, lower back, liver, gall bladder, and nervous system. Chrysoprase also helps with sleep, bringing peace and calm to settle down emotions. It has been known to enhance immunity and is also a great detoxifier, helping immobilize heavy metals out of the body.

Chrysoprase Jewelry
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