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January 2022 Stone of the Month - Green Kyanite

This stone is representative of “the truth of the heart”., and is associated mainly with Heart Chakra, but is said to have an impact on the full Chakra column. It connects your heart to the rest of your body.

Emotions have the ability to sway your judgment and create new realities that work in your favor. The effects of your emotions can also cloud the truth so much that you fail to see what’s in front of you!

The healing properties of Green Kyanite can help you take your power back to see the falsehood your mind can create. It provides emotional clarity and pushes you to see the truth, no matter how difficult that may be.
It assists in cutting through lies and illusions. The crystal enables you to uncover the truth and see the world for what it is.

It helps you to understand your emotions, feelings and needs on a deeper level.

It is also associated with nature and is said to provide us with a closer connection to our natural environment. It is also believed to help with the stamina and growth of plants, so much that avid gardeners have used them to assist with rotting plants, burying them in soil next to the root of the plant.

Green Kyanite can be very soothing to the soul and bring lovely solace. It is a wonderful Crystal  to bring into your home to bring calming energy.

It is found in the US as well as Brazil, India, Switzerland, Kenya, the European Alps, Yugoslavia, and Australia.

Ours is from Brazil and has been hand selected by Nicole as always.

Enjoy this heart healing stone in some healing jewels, or in your personal space and see how beautifully your energy shifts.

Always note that not all stones and crystals are right for everyone, so taking the time to see if your are drawn to it and noticing how it makes toy feel first is very important.

Green Kyanite Jewelry
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