July 2020 Stone of the Month - Carnelian

Carnelian, what a great stone for the month of July. The deep red color and connection it holds to the Earth helps to heal and bring into balance our Root Chakra... during a time when the energy is very dense and the world slowly starts to reopen, most of us need that feeling of safety and support and Carnelian can bring that to us. It helps us ground our energy so we can think clearly and stay present. It also balances the sacral chakra energy by enhancing our passion, creativity and sexuality Its energizing vibration helps spark creativity so you can create from a place of excitement, flow, and ease. It is a powerful protector of negative emotions, such as rage, anger, and envy. Carnelian is helpful for your body regulation as well. It facilitates the absorption of vitamins and minerals and ensures a good supply of blood to tissues and organs. Wear or carry a piece of Carnelian whenever you need a little extra support and also a burst of energy to help you create from a place of alignment.


Carnelian is found in many countries around the world including: India, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, Slovakia, Peru, Germany, France, and Cornwall England. Our Carnelian has come from Madagascar and India. 


This is a fiery warm stone that can assist you in facing fears and feeling confident in moving forward in our life. 


Check out our Carnelian stones and jewelry available online and stay tuned for more as the month progresses!

Carnelian Jewelry & Crystals
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