July 2022 Stone of the Month - Black Tourmaline

This month of July, we celebrate the common but quite valuable stone of Black Tourmaline. It is mostly known as a protector against negative energies and is commonly worn or carried to send back what is not desired to its sender.


It is a jet black stone with striations running vertically. The hue of black tourmaline is due to traces of titanium embedded in the mineral’s molecular structure.

The magnetic properties of black tourmaline are due to concentrations of iron. This stone is known to be able to get electrically charged by simply rubbing. It also is an effective protector of EMF Radiation that comes off of our screens and the cell Towers, specifically 5G.


It is a stone of purification, cleansing, grounding, and safety.  It helps clear negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, or feelings of unworthiness. It