June 2020 Stone of the Month ~ Citrine

While Citrine is known as the birthstone for November, it is the perfect stone to kick off our Season of Balance and also sets the tone for the Summer Season. It is a powerful cleanser and regenerator and releases the energies through out your body that no longer serve you. This beautiful stone is known as the "power of the sun.” It will work to heal your solar plexus and surrounding digestive organs, so that you can stand firm in your power and trust your intuition.It is also very much known as a stone to attract abundance, helping you manifest wealth, prosperity and success.


Wearing Citrine can bring joy into your life. It will help you feel light and as though you are carrying around a piece of sunshine, exuding that light to those surrounding you. Be aware though that Citrine does fade in the sunlight. Laying this stone under the light of the full moon or in some salt may be a better way to cleanse this stone. 


Citrine is found in many parts of the world including: Brazil, Ural Mountains of Russia, France, Madagascar and parts of the US. 


Nicole's hand selected Citrine pieces are all from Brazil.

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Citrine Jewelry & Crystals
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