May 2020 Stone of the Month - Blue Opal

Blue Opal is the perfect stone to close out the Season of Expression. This beautiful stone connects our heart and throat chakras so that we can express ourselves in the purest way, with love. It helps us understand who we are at our soul level and aids in expressing our true soul purpose. It releases negative energies and darkness that holds us back and inspires us to take action and step into our power.

Blue Opal is found in Mexico and Peru, each serving different purposes. Mexican Blue Opal has a pretty light blue color. It aids in soothing the nervous system, so you can express yourself in a calming and balancing way. Peruvian Blue Opal has more of a greenish tint to it. It also has relaxing properties as well. Further, it helps in releasing stress and trauma from old wounds.

Blue Opal Jewelry

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