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May 2022 Stone of the Month - Blue Topaz

This Month of May, we celebrate the luminous stone of Blue Topaz. This gorgeous well known gem stone has many beautiful qualities, mostly associated with the throat and Third eye.

Topaz is very soothing visually with its calming transparent blue color. When we are able to allow ourselves to relax and receive what comes with this, this beauty can easily assist in helping us connect with our higher self. With this is mind, Blue Topaz is also a wonderful stone to meditate with. 

It encourages more effective communication, while also helping in delivering speeches, pitching ideas and expressing emotions. 

The name Topaz was derived from the Egyptian Reference Sea Topazos. It also means “tapas” in Sanskrit which means “fire”. Seems like an oxymoron to the more cooling soothing calming energy that it puts off. However, Topaz is formed, like many popular gems we love, in ingenious rock during the end stage of lava mineralization. Topaz comes in other colors such as Gold, Clear, and Pink. All colors of this stone hold a slightly different vibration. 

This stone is most beneficial to wear in jewelry. You will often find it in fine jewelry.

It will enhance mood bringing in joy, abundance, truth, generosity and good health. 

Topaz will help you to see when you have strayed from your own truth and wisdom, while helping you to be more honest. 

On a physical level, it can actually impact and help digestion, stimulate metabolic issues and also assist with mood swings, promoting peace and relaxation. 

This beauty is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Utah and parts if Europe such as..Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

Ours is from Brazil.

Blue Topaz Jewelry
Pieces with this beautiful stone,
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