November 2020 Stone of the Month - Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz, aka "The Master Healer," is the perfect stone for November! This gentle, yet powerful stone brings cleansing and healing to all who wear it or have it near. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is one of the best stones for unblocking and realigning all chakras and meridian points in your body. It raises your vibration instantly and amplifies the healing properties of all crystals surrounding it and also cleanses them as well. However, it is important for Crystal Quartz to be cleansed as well, whether in sunlight, moonlight, or water/salt.

Similar to Amethyst, it helps open your upper chakras, connecting you to Source energy. It enhances your psychic abilities and attunes to your spiritual purpose. Crystal Quartz also protects you against radiation. Place it on or near your computer to repel harmful EMFs. Everyone will benefit from using this stone!

Crystal Quartz can come in many different shapes and sizes as well, with each serving an entirely different purpose. They can be found as geodes, raw or double terminated points, or wands.

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Crystal Quartz Jewelry
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