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October 2022 Stone of the Month - Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a beautiful often metallic and scale -like textured stone that typically is found in the color of Lavender. There is also yellow and blue Lepidolite, the blue which is found in Australia. This. beautiful treasure is known as the “peace stone," found in Brazil, Russia, California, Canada, and Madagascar. Many times it is found growing in high-temperature quartz veins and in granite. 

This stone is utilized for helping calm anxiety fairly quickly. It contains the most lithium of any other mineral on earth which helps calm and balance strong emotions.  Lithium is an extremely light metal. Its compounds are used in some medications to regulate mood disorders. Lepidolite is also a rich source of other rare elements, including cesium and rubidium. 


It is a wonderful tool for helping one to take a deep breath and focus on solutions rather than the stress that is being caused by the issue. it is a powerful crystal for supporting deeper relaxation and therefore helps with sleep. 


It was discovered in 1861 and was initially called Lilalite, due to its lavender hue. Usually found intermingled with Pink Tourmaline the Lepidolite crystal is sometimes seen coming through with other crystals.


This is a stone that brings serenity which can help you address your worries or fears and move on fairly quickly. Its peaceful vibration has a fast strong impact when holding it if it resonates with your energy.


Wearing Lepidolite in the form of jewelry can be a very powerful way to connect with this stone and stay calm and regulate your emotions throughout your day. 


Holding the stone in your hands can help prevent worries that may lead to spiraling out of control when you feel anxious. 


Lepidolite also clears electromagnetic pollution. It is excellent for and commonly used for Bipolar Disorder.   It strengthens the immune system, and soothes the nervous system, while also relieving exhaustion.  It can relieve allergies and greatly help with epilepsy and Alzheimers.  It is known to help numb sciatica and neuralgia and can help with overcoming joint problems.  While it assists with balancing and calming mood swings, it is also excellent for menopausal symptoms. 


Keep this stone in any personal space where you can easily pick up and hold it when necessary. It is great to place in bedrooms and areas where you meditate, relax, or need to calm your energy.

Lepidolite Jewelry

Pieces with this beautiful stone coming soon!

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