October 2020 Stone of the Month - Amethyst

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone. It dispels negative emotions and aids in the ability to tap into higher dimensions so we can trust our intuition on a deeper level. It is one of the best stones to use during meditation as it is one of the most calming and peaceful stones which can also assist with keeping ones focus, due to calming racing thoughts. However, as Nicole will always say, it is only beneficial for you if it resonates with tour energy. For those it does resonate with, it can be very powerful. Its deep purple color also relates to the Crown chakra, allowing us to open our intuition and enhance our psychic abilities.

It is known for assisting with grief from loss, as well as addiction. It also helps with improving sleep and taking away nightmares. Many of our clients have placed Amethyst beside there bed or under their pillow for these purposes. 

Amethyst is a great starter stone for those looking to begin incorporating crystals in their practice. You can place it on your 3rd eye to stimulate it and it will allow the downloads to flow through. Wear it when you want to feel calm and to ease any anxiety or stress. 

Check out our Amethyst stones and jewelry available online and stay tuned for more as the month progresses!

Amethyst Jewelry
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