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Cleansing Our Energy

The First Step of bringing our energy into TRU Balance

As we are in our TRU Balance season here at TRU By Nicole, we are looking at different ways to bring our energy back into alignment. It is so important to allow the natural process of cleansing and purging of old energy, beliefs, old paradigms, and ways of functioning individually and as a society, to release and cleanse out of our systems. Most of us are feeling this strong desire for change within and around us. It starts with acknowledging we have things we need to let go of first so we can look at it, see it and release it. It is very difficult to bring change without letting go of what has been hanging around our subconscious for so long. Allowing the memories, trauma, or painful incidents that cause our behavioral patterns to surface is no small feat, but we agreed to be on this planet during this time to cleanse all these ancestral patterns so we can make way for change and shift the generations to come after us. With the current mass ascension and evolution of the collective consciousness, we are no longer living on a planet that vibrates in a 3rd dimensional level. This means that if you are trying to live in a way that is holding onto old paradigms or belief systems that did not serve you before and are still not serving you, you are most likely having a really rough time adjusting right now. Understanding how to allow change to happen while continuing to hold a high frequency is key.

In this video are some basic tips that I feel have been helpful for myself and my clients. They are tips for allowing the cleansing process to take place with more ease and grace.

I hope this is helpful and please stay tuned for our next two videos on grounding and protection available on social media, YouTube and our site.

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