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Have you ever noticed how you feel when you immerse yourself in nature? How it feels to stare at a waterfall, sink your feet in the sand, lean up against a huge tree, or sit at the top of a mountain after a long hike? That feeling can be described in many ways, but is mainly helping you feel grounded and connected to Mother Earth ~Gaia. There is deep relevance in the practice of grounding as it has so many emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health benefits.  We are going through such massive changes on our planet as a global collective but more importantly as individuals. Many of us are releasing old patterns and clearing for a new way of living. As we do this we are also dealing with various elements around us that have been effecting the way we feel on many different levels. When we feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or just out of sorts like we have nothing to grasp onto, it is good to have something to anchor in our energy, bringing us back to our connection to self and the planet. Another reason to take the time to ground our energy would be due to our overexposure to electronics that have positive ions and radiation releasing from them. When we absorb this into our energy field and body, it lowers our vibration, causing us to feel drained and depleted. This can lower our immune system and cause other issues as well, such as headaches and fatigue. Therefore, we need to look to practices that can regenerate and bring our energy back into balance when this happens.  Nature is a beautiful way to regenerate our energy, not only because it is beautiful and feels good to be in it, but also because when we surround ourselves with it we are receiving negative ions that help increase oxygen flow to the brain while also increasing our alertness. When our bare feet touch the earth, we are absorbing this energy through all the the different acupressure spots in our feet that are connected to the different parts of our body and organs. This can result in improving our health in many ways and mostly decreases depression, fatigue and insomnia, while also elevating mood and immune system. When we are grounded, we balance our Root Chakra. This energy point allows us to feel supported, safe, comforted, nurtured, and clear minded. After letting go and purging old energy, it is good to replace what it is released with something pure, supportive, and positive for our mind body and soul. If you can't get outside and are needing to ground other tools would include: meditation and visualization of rooting yourself into the earth (imagine becoming a tree with deep string roots), breath work, tapping, or powerful, grounding yoga postures such as tree pose, warrior poses etc.., read a book and have a cup of tea, sit by a fire, hang with animals, horseback ride, watch a feel good movie or hang with a friend or family member that has that comforting and nurturing energy... I also believe that foods we eat can help us feel more grounded when we need it as well. Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, squashes and beets, avocados, and oats are great to add in to our diet when needing more grounding. If you eat meat, this is also naturally grounding.  Overall, grounding gives us the opportunity to connect back to ourselves and the earth so we can feel safe and secure enough to move forward, knowing that we are always supported. In this process we are also receiving great health benefits, nurturing energy and more joy. Now who doesn’t want that? Always Stay TRU Peacefully, Nicole 

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