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Protecting Our Energy

Protecting Our Energy Protection can mean many things at different times. Why do we need protection for our energy? What are we protecting exactly? Once we cleanse our energy of what no longer serves us, we ground our energy and allow ourselves to connect to the deepest part of ourselves and the planet and its vibration.  If you have been having various issues coming to the surface and chosen to address them and not continue to suppress them, then you are going through quite a transformational process that is very sacred and needs to be allowed to take its course. This can leave us quite vulnerable and also requires a great deal of self care and self love. This is one of the more difficult concepts for many of us to learn and put into practice.  Protecting our energy so we are able to function in the world and enjoy life as we should, is all about how we care for ourselves. In this video I discuss different ways to do this.

Intuition~ Expanding and increasing our intuition helps us hold our power. We are able to see beyond what is in front of us and know what is real and what is fake. The stronger our intuition, the better our decision making, as long as we listen to it. This takes practice. Boundaries~ We need to understand the importance of putting ourselves first in order to be our best selves for own benefit as well as others. Learn how to say “No” if you know it doesn’t feel right to participate in something because you are not feeling it, not feeling well, or because you simply don’t want to. We can't be true and genuine or honor who we really are if we are always doing things out of obligation. It is also important to understand what situations and people are healthy for you and which are not. This also takes practice and the inner strength to make decisions not to please, as we have been programmed to do, but to do what feels good and what you genuinely, truly desire. The more things you choose that bring you joy, love, support and peace etc. the happier and freer you become. In turn, the more you attract those people and situations that serve that higher purpose.  Create an Energy Shield~ When you are walking into a situation that may not feel safe to you, feels negative, or even doing this every morning may be beneficial to not allow any low or negative energy to enter your auric field and bring your vibration down..  Imagine a bright light filtering in from the sky sent from a guide or angel, Source, higher over, universe, (whatever you believe in) ... that fills your body and cleanses you of all negative thoughts, ideas, and feelings or anything you need to let go of, and then expand it as a shield around your body, like a bubble. You can add fire, steel or whatever image makes you feel safe while only allowing positive energy through.  Protection from Positive Ions/ radiation etc.. from electronics~ Our electronic devices put off some energy that can be quite damaging and generally leave us feeling drained and tired. Placing crystals and stones near these electronics can remove or block this energy. Carrying or wearing these particular crystals is taking it a step further to protect your energy even more. These may include: Smokey Quartz, Amazonite, Fluorite, and Crystal Quartz. I discuss various crystals that assist in protecting our energy in the video but do not come even close to mentioning all of them. Here is a list of great protective stones to have on hand on a daily basis: Amethyst Black Tourmaline Fluorite Amazonite Smokey Quartz Obsidian Labradorite Hematite Citrine Turquoise Snowflake Obsidian Carnelian Crystal Quartz All in all, you are amazing, unique and magical. You are worth protecting all the time! :) Always Stay TRU Peacefully, Nicole 

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