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Steps to Enhancing your Shopping Experience with TRU By Nicole:


1. Browse the site with an open mind and open heart. Do not overthink it. Notice what you are drawn to in a strong way or even slightly. These are clues to what pieces or crystals you are needing.

2. Once you have identified these pieces, take the time to notice how they make you feel. What emotions seem to surface, and what sensations do you feel in any part of the body physically.. energetically? Are you feeling warmth, coolness, chills, tingles etc.. What thoughts come to mind or what memories are surfacing if any? or maybe you don’t feel anything at all.. All good!! There is no right or wrong. This may mean that you may need to move on to browsing some more or that you may not feel anything until you have the price or pieces in hand. As you open your intuition and expand your inner awareness, you will feel things quicker and more easily. Everyone has this within them. Remember! These are just indicators that allow you to explore what you are purchasing on a level with deeper purpose and more efficiency.

3. The last step would be to look at our directory for the crystals or stones you have selected or are in the jewelry and read about the properties. Do they resonate with you and what is going on right now? If so, you are on the right track!


These are only suggested tips and also a fun process to practice. You are free to explore and shop however you choose and pick things out in the way that feels best to you! 

Sourcing Crystals

Nicole is an advocate for the crystals. She highly values their origin and how they are treated; from the time that they leave the mine and as they travel on a sacred journey leading them to their next match of energy, the individual to whom they resonate.


All crystals are carefully hand curated from specially selected suppliers around the world who respect the crystals and align with TRU By Nicole's ethical standards. Semi-precious crystals contain various healing properties for a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience. Nicole intuitively hand selects each crystal based on their energy and quality. Like people, every semi-precious stone is unique in shape, size and color. Please appreciate and celebrate these wondrously unique treasures.


In some cases, a stone's beauty, when coming from the mines, can be hidden by dust and dirt. When these treasures are found, the TRU By Nicole team cleans them to remove dirt and dust so the richness of their cut, color and clarity can be seen. Water and mineral oil are used on some stones.

Energy Clearing

TRU BY Nicole Crystals are energetically cleansed, smudged, and then blessed with loving intentions to find their match, the individual who is calling to them for the higher and greater good. 

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