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September 2022 Stone of the Month - Herkimer

Herkimer Diamonds grow and are mined in Herkimer New York, in Mohawk Valley. They are a high vibrational double terminated Quartz, that is exceptionally clear, but at times can have a rainbow inclusion, or carbon deposits, sometimes appearing smoky.


They are known for their “Memory”. They accept and retain information to retrieve later. They are excellent programmers to utilize for thoughts of love, well-being, or healing for others to receive.


They are typically shorter in appearance and are known for their impeccable strength, as they are formed in hard rock.


You can actually visit the Herkimer Diamond Mine and do some mining yourself. It is a wonderful place to bring children to learn about how crystals grow and what is required to retrieve these special treasures from our environment.


The Herkimer is a strong crystal for clearing electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, and geopathic stress. They are commonly used in Grids for Homes and Healing Spaces, as they are powerful purifiers. They are utilized to rid the body of toxins and have been used in healing cellular disorders, and metabolic rates. Understanding that this is a stone that is generally used by experienced healers, as with other powerful crystals, having the knowledge of the essence and true dynamics of a crystal is imperative in utilizing it for deeper healing purposes.


Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or burned out? This beauty has been utilized to assist in helping your immune system. It helps calm the mind and relax the body to create the ideal inner atmosphere for deep meditation. Herkimer diamonds are strong cleansers that have a particular aspect of light that runs through their energy field keeping them protected while shifting energy that is moving through them. Nonetheless, it is always very important to clear them, after use.


The Herkimer diamond will improve your drive and concentration when it comes to accomplishing goals since it has the ability to clear any bad vibes from your atmosphere. Herkimer diamond will help center you and maintain this feeling of being centered, as well as increase your motivation and innovation.


If this Crystal resonates with you, wearing Herkimer Diamonds will keep your energy cleansed and will increase your focus, and positive motivation, allowing you to receive inspiration from higher frequencies.


It can be a beautiful tool to utilize in any space for healing work. Creating a healing grid can be very powerful, or placing them in a space where you practice your meditation or energy work is a wonderful way to integrate their unique and powerful energy.

Herkimer Jewelry
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