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Soul Alignment
Life Path Consulting

Receive guidance as you take steps to discover your true life’s purpose on this planet. Your discovery and path may be revealed through a variety of services such as intuitive readings, crystal readings, meditation, vision boarding, analytical discussions and/or crystal spirit therapy.


Initial Session and Evaluation   $125 (up to 1.5 hrs.)

3 Session Package - 1 hour sessions   $315

5 Session Package - 1 hour sessions   $500

Single, 1 hour sessions  $110

Single, 1.5 hour sessions   $135

Cancellations & Postponements:

Please provide no less than a 24-hour notice from the time you are scheduled to avoid the full fee being charged.

Private Group Sessions

Join Nicole at her studio with your group for a truly magical journey of discovering or expanding your experience with Crystals. For a private group that you organize (friends, family, co-workers), Nicole will provide an overview and brief history of Crystals and then lead the group in fun, interactive exercises to discover which crystal(s) each individual needs in the moment. This may include meditation and/or exercises that reveal personal intuitive ability for choosing the crystals that align to the individual's energy needs to expand, ground, uplift, shift and/or heal. Information Packet, Crystal Directory Booklet and Crystal Gift are included. Participants are welcome to bring beverages and snacks.

Group Minimum: 4 people

1.5 Hours   $175

2 Hours   $225

Cancellations & Postponements:

Please provide no less than a 24-hour notice from the time you are scheduled to avoid the full fee being charged.

~ At the End of a Group Session (Optional) ~


Individuals who desire this personal consultation option would pay Nicole after the session.

20 minutes   $35   

Always Stay



Improve your well-being and ability to live your most authentic life. Receive the awareness and clarity, needed in that moment, to shift your energy, transform, evolve and connect to your TRU self! 


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