July 2021 Stone of the Month - Orange Calcite

The most perfect stone for the month of July, Orange Calcite works with both the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras and has powerful cleansing energies. Its main healing properties are for balancing your emotions, inspiring creativity, and increasing the flow of positive energy.

It is an energy booster and largely associated with creativity and balancing sexual energy. It clears blockages in the sacral, and helps you to uncover new connections and ideas.

Orange Calcite brings you positive and uplifting energy. It encourages gentle movement of energy and removes blockages and boosts motivation to complete your project. It also helps you overcome lack of self-worth or ambition as well as depression.

This stone is strongly associated with the healing of the physical body as well that can repair, restore, strengthen, and protect. It can also be helpful for conditions affecting the joints and can improve the function of your urinary tract, spleen, liver, and kidneys. It can also aid in removing viruses and visual disturbances. It is a great stone to have when it comes to eliminating toxins from your body can also ease the symptoms of fatigue, stomach-related illnesses, and many other ailments.

Calcite is found in several different colors, each with healing properties of their own. We also hold Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red Calcite at the studio. Orange Calcite is predominantly found in Mexico, Canada, and South America.

Orange Calcite Jewelry - More Pieces Coming Soon!
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