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TRU Peace Box of Bliss

Bring some peace, serenity, and bliss to your Holiday Season and beyond.

Learn to Calm Your Mind, Open Your Intuition and Bring TRU Peace to your life on a daily basis.

What's Inside:

1) TRU Peace Limited Edition Jewelry

  • Box 1 ~ Amethyst Pendant ~ calms anxiety and opens intuition, protecting, assists with healing addiction and improves sleep.

  • Box 2 ~ Crystal Quartz and Aquamarine Earrings ~ clears negative energy, aligns the chakras, and also sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance.


2) TRU By Nicole Pouch of Crystals that fall under TRU Peace Category

  • Amazonite dispels negative energy, soothes emotions and/or trauma, alleviates worry.

  • Crystal Quartz clears blockages, aligns chakras, erases and regulates energy.

  • Selenite brings peace, clears confusion, stabilizes erratic emotions.

3) Products from local businesses that Nicole believes in and trusts to help create peace within and around you

  • From Pure Nourish Food & Apothecary Forest

    • Rest Tea is filled with several vitamins and antioxidants that supports immune, nervous & digestive systems, helping quiet your mind and body for peaceful rest

  • Trim Candles ~ soy candles made using essential oils

    • Box 1 ~ Tarragon ~ herb inspired blend of bergamot, bamboo, tarragon leaves and basil. Helps dissolve emotional and physical tension.

    • Box 2 ~ Winter Birch ~ notes of cinnamon, mulling spices, vetiver, and orange. Use to connect to spirit guides. Promotes harmony and balance.

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