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Living in Consciousness

7-Week Special Course

~ Learning the Value of TRU Self and

One’s Presence in the World ~


Choose Between Two Schedule Offerings:

The Tuesday class meets Oct. 2-Nov. 13

at 7:00-8:30PM

(Optional Q&A ends at 8:45PM)


The Thursday class meets Oct. 4-Nov. 15

at 10:00-11:30AM

(Optional Q&A ends at 11:45AM)

"Living in Consciousness" is a course for learning to live a higher vibrational lifestyle that will bring us to a place of flow, bliss and full consciousness, simply by following five principles. This is a course in truth. To discover your true essence and to live from the heart perspective, starts with love and leads to conscious living.
What is conscious living?
Conscious living opens the door for you to find joy in the present moment and allows the universe to guide you, from one moment to the next, with full trust and freedom to be you. This is possible even when unpleasant things occur. In consciousness, we respond, not react. We have the ability to feel inner joy, comfort and a sense of peace, even amongst the chaos of the outer world. 
Why live consciously?
This type of living is extremely valuable at this time in our lives in this world. Our beautiful planet is a reflection of what we are inside. When we honor our bodies and who we are, we thrive and we live in love and with bliss. When we disrespect and abandon ourselves, live by the ego and in fear, we become depressed, disappointed and frustrated. Our bodies respond in many different ways, whether mentally, emotionally, or physically. Our planet, Mother Earth, Gaia is the same. We are one. In order for us to shift the negative way things are playing out, we must first make changes within ourselves, Naturally, by living in consciousness, we are led to our true purpose and a life that is fulfilling and blissful. This process will also include observations about our conscious choices; like what we eat, who we surround ourselves with, and what we expose ourselves to (social media, television, etc.). As an observer of yourself, you can discover how your choices impact not only you, but also ripple out to be reflected in all who you come in contact with.
What will be required of you to participate in this course?​​

  • In each class, you will be taught one principle that you will practice throughout the week. The principles are simple in concept, but may challenging in application, or may be easy, depending on where you are in your process of coming into full consciousness. 

  • You will be asked to share and participate in fun exercises for practicing the principles.

  • Have fun with this opportunity to observe and explore a better way of life by following the weekly principles and guidelines.

  • Tuition: $245 due by  9/24/18

  • Returning "Living Consciousness" Students: $200 due by 9/24/18

You are invited to our upcoming Workshops.

Reserve your seat today! 

Workshops are Held at

TRU By Nicole

30 South Main St.

Pittsford NY



Phone Call with Credit Card



Checks Payable to TRU By Nicole

Mailed to:

Nicole Yacano


30 South Main Street

Pittsford, NY 14534


Call or Text to



Email to

(please do not send questions via social media)

Crystals for Calm & Comfort 

Wednesday, September 19, 12:30-2;00PM


Wednesday, September 26, 6:30-8:00PM


Learn how to calm anxiety, sleep better, ground, center and self-comfort by using crystals, regardless of circumstances surrounding you. Learn which crystals support various needs and how to engage your intuition to choose the crystals that are specific to your needs. Learn how to utilize and place the crystals (body, home, office &/or wearing). Learn meditative exercises with the crystals to achieve these results.

Tuition: $37 due by 9/16/18.


Crystals & How They Relate

to Our Chakras

Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 6:30-8:00PM

 Join Nicole in a workshop where she shares which crystals are significant to which Chakras in our Energy Body. She will lead you in some fun and exploratory exercises to help understand how crystals work with our chakra system through meditation, placing crystals on particular parts of the body and explaining the benefits of Crystal Therapy as a method to shift, release, or expand energy in each chakra.

Tuition: $37 due by 1/6/19.


What the Stones Tell Me

~An Introduction Workshop to Crystals and

Our Relationship with Them~

Date / Time TBD 

Join Nicole Yacano to discover your relationship to semi-precious minerals. Learn about the crystal treasures that were put on this planet to heal, protect and guide you to living more expansively and holistically. We will begin with a “Crystal Cave Meditation” that will help you with energy cleansing and allow you to connect to stones. Through the meditation and the hands on experience with the stones, you will discover your own intuitive power in choosing stones that resonate best with you and why. You will learn about the healing and therapeutic benefits (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually).

Tuition: $37 due by TBD

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