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When I express my TRUTH through my VOICE and CREATIVITY, I am HONEST about
who I am.



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TRU Testimonials

"The Life Path Consulting sessions, I took from Nicole, were fantastic and taught me how to really look inside myself to come up with what it was that I was meant to do. I went into the process with a blank slate and came out with a new path for myself that I never knew was possible - one that has brought me more fulfillment than I can even describe. Nicole's kind and caring nature made me feel so comfortable and I learned valuable tools that have helped me in so many ways since our sessions. Words really cannot express how grateful I am to Nicole for sharing her gift with me. The experience truly changed my life."

— Beth Deehan

"I absolutely love TRU by Nicole pieces and the connection I have to each one. This custom Lapis Lazuli ring has helped me be more self-aware and compassionate."

— Linda Smith

"Nicole and I have been friends for more than twenty years. We've covered a lot of life's territory in that time and I can tell you that her desire to uplift and support women to be their best comes from a very deep place inside her. She has dedicated herself to this mission. Nicole is a healer with a powerful gift that allows her to create a gorgeous piece of jewelry that also delivers what she's able to see you need along your unique and beautiful journey."

— Julie Frances Mahar

"Nicole's jewelry holds so much magic! It is a beautiful communion between her and your Higher Self so that you can co-create the right piece for you. Because of this, it always turns out to be exactly what your soul needs at that moment in time. I can't get enough of her and her jewelry!"

— Diana Toia

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