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I'm so glad you're here!

You're here because your ready

- you're ready for the next step.


It's time to celebrate and BE who you are and share this with the world. Whether you are aware of it or not, you and your unique gifts are truly needed.

It would be my honor to support you on the journey of remembering who you really are and returning to

your TRU self.


Life Path Consulting

Nicole assists you with opening up the channel that brings you back to yourself and your soul's desires. Utilizing many sacred tools, Nicole will tailor a program that will be exactly what YOU need to help you align with your higher consciousness.

Mineral Spirit Therapy

This beautiful, ancient crystal healing practice shifts, clears, and balances your energy as well as reveals to Nicole a roadmap that can help guide you on the next steps of your journey. This session can also be of benefit to those with a specific physical, emotional, or mental healing need.


Prescriptive Crystals & Jewelry

Nicole consciously selects crystals that come from all over the world.

She offers readings/consultations in order to match you with the sacred stones that resonate with your current needs. This can be applied to crystals for your personal or business space, stones to carry, or crystals she incorporates into her one-of-a-kind prescriptive line of jewelry.

See some pieces below. Contact Nicole if you'd like to inquire about a custom piece or one of our ready-to-wear pieces.


Nicole offers private meditation sessions as well as classes for everyone from novice to more advanced.


Begin to feel more ease, clarity, inspiration, connection, and purpose. Experience higher levels of intuition and learn to consciously create a life you LOVE. 


Our Collection

Align with your soul

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