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Life Path Consulting


When you are called to Life Path Consulting, it is a calling from deep within the soul. Nicole understands this because she has lived her life through listening to her soul’s calling. It has not always been an easy journey, mostly when she was afraid or wasn’t answering fully. She has experienced both the fear and the resistance. She's also experienced the magic that comes when the soul call is followed.


In these one-on-one sessions, Nicole will take you on a journey back to your TRU Self by opening up channels that may have been blocked or just temporarily closed due to emotional, mental, or physical reasons. She will assist you in raising your consciousness and help unlock your deep inner truth. When you align with this truth and your higher self, opportunities and pathways will open up to allow you to remember who you really are and why you are here.

The Result

You can expect to feel more clear, empowered, awake and aligned with a higher consciousness while expressing your truth unapologetically

Initial Session

1.5 hours

The first step in Life Path Consulting is a big one. Here, you will sit with Nicole to share your current life situation along with your hopes and intentions. She will ask questions that allow her to create a beautiful map for your journey forward with suggestions for sessions and home practices.


1-month or 3-month packages available

I know what i want and i am in the process of already stepping into this truth, but need more clarity on some things and support as i move forward

Each month includes:

  1. Three sessions that can be up to 1.5 hours

  2. One 15 min call a week to check in ask questions and receive any support needed

  3. Three pre-recorded guided meditation practices to incorporate in your day to day that will bring you closer to self and your intentions

  4. Clear and practical step-by-step tools to utilize daily 

  5. Sessions may include:  Intuitive Guidance, Meditation, Mineral Spirit Therapy (Crystal Therapy - Energy Healing), Crystal Consultation and Education on how to best utilize which crystals for your personal benefit aligned with the intentions of these sessions, sharing materials and tools that will connect your more deeply to self and a higher consciousness, expressive writing and artistic exercises, discussion of nutrition (with referrals to experts in the field) and exercise or movement for the body that would benefit your process of moving forward.

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