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Initial Consultation
For those who are new to the TRU experience! You will sit with Nicole and talk about what your goals are moving forward. Nicole will walk you through a meditation, gather information, and share any messages that might help in determining what the appropriate next steps for your healing journey would be. Please come with any questions or areas of concern you may have. You can expect the Initial Consultations to last 60-90 minutes. Cost is $160.
Personal Crystal Consultation

After a brief, clearing meditation by Nicole, an intuitive crystal reading and a series of exercises will introduce you to crystals that vibrate at a frequency to best match your needs. You will be guided where to place the crystals, whether they are in your home, a personal space, your office and/or as you carry them with you. 1 hour consultation, $120
Mineral Spirit Crystal Therapy
Relax into this beautiful ancient crystal healing practice. This powerful and soothing session includes a brief interview, clearing of energy with essential oils, intuitively laying crystals on the body and a sketch of the crystal placement and purpose. The intuitive reading will reveal current needs that call for shifting, clearing, balancing and healing.

Full Session - 2 hours  $210 (up to two times per year)

Follow-up Session(s) - 60min $120

Spot Healing for Specific Issues - 30-45 min $ 75


Custom Prescriptive Jewelry Consultation, Design & Crafting

There are four essential parts to this specialized service. Initially, there will be a discussion and intuitive reading around the energy of what you may be needing from the crystals emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and/or physically. Then, Nicole will guide you in exercises to help you discover crystals that vibrate at a frequency to best match these needs. As a result of this collaborative experience, a proposed jewelry design of chosen crystals, expressive of your TRU essence and aesthetic desires, will be presented. Within your budget, a significant, powerful and beautiful piece will be crafted. Minimum Costs below include a 1 hour consultation ($120), the materials, and time spent on the design and creating of your custom piece.


Necklace & Bracelet Minimum Cost - $400

Pendants, Earrings & Rings - Minimum Cost Ranges - $250-$300

Minimum Nonrefundable Deposit varies depending on approximate total cost of the piece (due at end of consultation). Remaining balance is due upon completion of the piece.


Additional Costs may include:

  • Additional consultation time in 30 minute increments - $45.

  • Chosen crystal and material costs.

  • Elaborate designs requiring more crafting time.


** Estimates to construct your custom piece(s) will be provided during the consultation with consideration to your budget.

Life Path Consulting

Receive guidance as you take steps to discover your true life's purpose on this planet. Your discovery and path may be revealed through a variety of services such as intuitive and/or crystal readings, meditation, vision boarding, and analytical discussions. One Mineral Spirit Therapy session is also included in the pricing of these packages. If it is your first time meeting Nicole and receiving a service, we recommend booking an initial consultation to determine the direction of the sessions.



60min Sessions

Mineral Spirit Therapy

Packages Available:

3 Sessions - $370

5 Sessions - $600

Option to Add-on additional 60 min sessions - $120 per session

Cancellations & Postponements:
Please provide no less than a 24-hour notice from the time you are scheduled. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a $50 fee.

Shine with Intention

Schedule your Personal Service


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