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Nicole Yacano has been working with semi-precious crystals and designing her healing fashion forward jewelry since 2001. She believes we are each unique individuals with a special purpose on this planet and that we can enhance our ability to live our truth with a little help from the world of semi-precious crystals. She is as passionate about nature and the outdoors, as she is about the seasonal fashion runway reveals. This is evident in all of Nicole’s custom hand-crafted one of a kind and limited-edition pieces. 


She grew up just outside of New York City, where her love of fashion was almost her initial career choice. Although encouraged by her father to choose another field, Nicole's creative energy and passion for fashion never died. 

Coming back in full circle in 2001, with a background in Psychology and Clinical Social Work, Nicole integrated her life-long experiences in healing, fashion, meditation and nature, and engaged her creative talent to begin handcrafting prescriptive, semiprecious mineral jewelry for the soul. From then on TRU By Nicole creations have supported and adorned thousands. 

Being gifted intuitively and having a desire to help individuals on a deeper level, she knew there was a way to do this,  through the crystals she had been drawn to since childhood. Nicole’s experience and ability to read energy while utilizing crystals in her pieces and holistic services has been a deep benefit on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level for her clients.

Since 2001, Nicole has developed and expanded her business on the east coast with her own locations for retail and a Healing Center, along with wholesale accounts around the country. In 2021 her long time calling to move out West has brought her and her family to Arizona where she is continuing to expand and share her light, with her unique designs and holistic services.

To help individuals navigate into living a life fully and holistically, Nicole intuitively developed four keystones that are foundational for living a whole life. According to a stone's healing properties, every crystal, jewelry piece and crystal product identifies with one of the four keystones:

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